10 Examples of Minimal Landing Pages Trending in 2018

6 months ago.

Sometimes we look outside of the box to improve our online marketing efforts, we use landing pages, newsletters, content marketing and a whole chunk more. We read our articles from our industry leaders, bury ourselves in Medium looking for the answers to our conversion woes.

The most effective growth strategies for bootstrapped startups have come from design and social influence, incorporating the two together. The last cool startup you saw didn’t have a Facebook ad mocked up in Paint and that landing page that you signed up for a BETA invite through? It didn’t look like shit, did it?

We’re here to look at some prime examples of minimal landing page design, that focuses your leads eye to the content that matters most, without overloading them with side-features and moot-points.

Below you’ll find 8 examples of well designed minimal landing pages, along with a small break down on what makes them tick for a modern marketing campaign in the startup marketing world.

Potatoes Landing Page

Here’s a fun one to get us off the ground, as much of a joke as it is a masterpiece of landing page progression. It’s worth noting that at $9.99, those are some pretty expensive potatoes.

TwoCards Invoicing Landing Page

TwoCards is an invoicing startup that I found a couple of years ago, back then they had a sweet little landing page for their BETA subscribers and it worked perfectly. I was hooked purely on their design sense and I’ve used them since.

Their new landing page captures your attention right from the get go, clever copywriting keeps your attention as you follow a timeline-like explainer, letting you know about the key features and a couple of key ways they can provide you with value.

It’s critical that when setting up a landing page for your startup, you show your leads how you can add value to them, without overloading them with features that your developers love, but your user may not necessarily need.


Kurati Landing Page

Kurati was built by me at Qualipages, they’re automating social growth by posting hand-picked content to your social media channels. Using a minimal landing page, capturing leads for BETA invite at the bottom of the page, after displaying 3 key features. Copywriting  is displayed boldly above the fold, and lighter into the body.

When you’re preparing to launch your startup, and you want to yield a higher number of BETA subscribers, it’s good form to show a limited amount of invites available, promoting your lead to act on impulse after the key features get digested.


Chatlio Live Chat Landing Page

Chatlio is a customer support and lead capture startup, obviously targeting the marketing sector, their design is bolder, yet holds a certain minimal aesthetic in focusing the user flow down to their CTA (Call To Action).

To start with, they show you in a very simple step by step on how it works. It’s important to compress the learning curve as much as possible, signing up and authenticating yourself with slack could very easily have a whole 9 step process to it by itself, but that would make the whole process seem like an impossible task.

Again, Chatlio draws our attention to certain features and aspects of their system, I’m not too keen on the amount of information they’re cramming, but they do include a regularly visible CTA to break up the content, offering their leads the option to sign up before they hit the bottom.


Slack Landing Page

Slack has become a well-known name throughout the businesses industries, not particularly for its design prowess, they have a really powerful, well-supported bit of kit. I don’t want to take away from that, but their design is worth including for it’s minimal, chic and crisp outlook.


Umergance Landing Page

I’m going to say that this is actually quite a poor landing page in terms of information, it seems like they should really split the page into multiple pages, covering their features for different leads, interested in different services.

Right now, I can’t tell you what this company does, or aims to do, I literally have no clue. But their landing page is aesthetically beautiful – they get a shout out.


Qualipages Landing Page

Yeah yeah, this is our landing page but it’s worth showing here, it’s a pretty decent example of minimal design, for a business selling minimal design to marketers, who see a lot of minimal design. You still with me?

Wanton self-promotion aside, the design calls back to the old days, above the fold holds a signup form and some bold copy, capturing the leads attention with a minimal and crisp design but with a familiar and friendly layout.

Adding key features, following by a step-by-step of how it works, taking cues from other effective marketing strategies, we’ve included a short and to-the-point portfolio in the form of some recent projects before the final call-to-action.


Microsoft To-Do Landing Page

Another great example of less-is-more, this Microsoft landing page really delivers on the minimal front, I like it a lot. They could scrap that footer I guess but it’s not overly hideous so I’ll let ’em keep it for now.

The page is super-lightweight and that’s really all it needs, it’s a to-do app. It really needs no explanation and that’s the problem with so many of the apps on the market right now, they have a full website to explain how to store a small message for you and yourself to read. Please.


AltoChat Landing Page

Alto is one of the more recent minimal landing pages to find itself here, designed by a popular Dribbble contributor for a project of his own, this design really embodies the minimal style.

Again, like most minimal designs, it tries to hold the user’s attention in the center of the browser, playing on where the eye I naturally directed. Giving the key information needed before presenting the lead with a BETA sign up form.


Tookapic Landing Page

Another marvel in minimal style, Tookapic created clear white spaces with crisp lines, the content flows centrally, seamlessly interlocking each section without effort or stress.


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